I’m Engaged, Now What?

The love of your life is down on one knee, and you are trying to process everything that’s going on. Then you see the bling, from there, everything seems like an out of body experience. Now that you have said  “Yes!” what’s next?

Check out the ten things you should consider doing once you’re engaged:

  • MAKE THE CALLS And we say calls, it’s ok to share on your favorite social media platforms, but please call  your parents first and then call up some relatives – even the ones you have not talked to for a long time – no one wants to be the last to know! Don’t forgot to post those ring selfies.
  • RESIZE THE RING (IF NECESSARY) AND GET IT INSURED Engagement rings cost a fortune and let’s face it; no matter how careful we are we cannot always prevent the inevitable. Be practical and appraise the ring and get it insured.
  • PICK A DATE One question you will be asked frequently by your friends, family and wedding vendors is the date of the wedding. Ideally, you should allot 12 months or more for wedding planning. Be mindful of other considerations such as seasonality and special holidays when choosing a wedding date.
  • SET A BUDGET AND START SAVING Discuss how much you are willing to spend on the wedding and where you will get the funding. Open a wedding savings account and remember that the years after the wedding are far more important!
  • GET ORGANIZED Though it may be too early to decide if you will get a wedding planner or not, it is already a great time to be organized. Get yourself a wedding app, wedding folder organizer or even Pinterest, where you can set and keep track of your timeline, budget, inspiration boards, etc.
  • DRAFT A GUEST LIST Or at least decide how many family and friends that you would like to invite to the wedding. The attendee account is important because it will assist vendors when providing quote, in addition to the overall budget.
  • BOOK A VENUE This will seal the deal on the wedding date and influence a lot of the wedding decisions like wedding vendors, themes and decors, etc.
  • CHOOSE THE WEDDING PARTY  Who would you (and your fiancé) like standing next to you both on the BIG DAY? Make a list of your closest family and friends, and decide who will play the most important roles in the wedding.
  • HAVE A VISION Browse Pinterest Boards, Instagram (using your favorite #weddings), magazines or wedding websites for inspiration. The vision does not need to be final but a few ideas should be a start!
  • CHILL AND HAVE FUN! Wedding planning is not an easy task. Make sure you and your fiancé take some time to enjoy each other, without any talk about the wedding at all – and just enjoy your time together.


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