Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is full of highs and low’s! From choosing your wedding dress, wedding colors, venue and the attendees list, this is enough to make any sane person stress out.
Where do we start? Ah Google, has’t failed us yet, so how about typing in “I need help with my wedding” and tons of results populate the screen. How about finding trusted vendors? what about vendor management, including set up and delivery, Oh yeah, how about your contracts, wedding day etiquette? we could go on and on, we are sure that this is enough to to get the wheels turning.

Wedding Planner services, can go from a few hundreds ($$$) to a few thousands ($$$$$), but their job is to make sure that your day is stress free, as they manage everything no matter the size of the job. Check out our top reasons to hire a wedding planner

  1. The wedding planner is the professional—he/she understands what it takes to make a wedding successful
  2.  The wedding planner will keep your budget at the top of mind throughout the entire process
  3. The wedding planner will find the best vendors in the industry  (and manage your vendors on the day of the wedding, and they will probably save a few $$$)
  4. The wedding planner will assist with any last minute things that pop up (trust us something will pop up it)
  5. The wedding planner can will mange and execute all room flips and decor (Yes!)

If the wedding budget doesn’t allow for full event planning, then consider day of or partial planning, trust us you will be glad that you did it.

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