Move over Etsy, and say “Hello” to the Wedding Shop from Homemade at Amazon

Etsy’s newest, and largest competitor Amazon, has set its eyes on the DIY (Do It Yourself) bride! By creating a new platform, the Wedding Shop from Homemade at Amazon, which is a one stop shop for wedding decor. These artisan designed products will not only give Etsy shop owners a run for the money, as their site offers personalized one of a kind items, which is very similar to Etsy. The Handmade Wedding Shop features an array of items including reception decor, invitations, handmade jewelry, mementos and so much more.

I’m sure you will appreciate some of the kickbacks of Handmade at Amazon which includes:

  • 180 day return policy
  • Gift ideas
  • Gift-giver tracking
  • Support for adding products from other retailer websites

With more than 31,000 wedding items available for $25, this is a no-brainer, go ahead and click off this blog and start shopping at the Wedding Shop from Homemade at Amazon

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