The Right Sized Bling

Resizing the bling (if necessary)  is one of the top things to consider after you say “Yes.” Engagement rings cost a fortune and let’s face it; no matter how careful we are we cannot always prevent the inevitable.

Check out this pick up interview from and the owner of Greenwich Street Jewelers.

What kind of rings can be resized?

“For a ring to be resized, it needs to be made of a metal that a jeweler can work with, such as silver, gold, or platinum,” says Gandia. “There also needs to be enough room on the ring for the actual work to be done.”

How much smaller or larger can a jeweler make my ring?

Typically, rings can be increased or decreased up to two sizes. Beyond that, it can put too much stress on the ring.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

The price will depend largely on the metal used and how complicated and time-consuming the process for your ring will be. The cost can be as low as $20 for a simple resizing or all the way up to hundreds of dollars for a more difficult job.

What metals cannot be resized?

  • Tungsten cannot be resized because it is too hard.
  • Rose gold cannot be resized because it can crack.
  • Some jewelers will avoid resizing titanium, as well, because it is very difficult to resize.

How is a ring supposed to fit?

Your ring should fit snugly but comfortably. It should slide on easily, but you should have to pull a little to get it off. It your ring is every uncomfortably tight, you should get the ring made larger. “It should also be sized if it slips off with no resistance at all, which means it is too big,” Gandia says.

Where should I go to resize your ring?

Going back to your original jeweler is always a good option. You can also ask for referrals from friends or family. It’s important to find a reputable jeweler you can trust with your engagement ring. You can ask to see some of their previous work, as well, and check their reviews online.

If your ring is too large or too small, don’t fret in most cases a resize job can be accomplished rather quickly for a very small fee. In the mean time enjoy your new ring and cheers to your new life.


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