Best Tool to use When Cutting a 10 foot Wedding Cake Cake

The ring, wedding venue, dress and of course the cake are one of many elements that we all fathom over.  However the cake cutting ceremony, carries more weight than the ingredients.

The reason why couples make such a big deal about this is because it’s the first task that the new couple does together.

As the wedding guest list grows so does the height of the cake. This is exactly why we see cakes as tall as 10 feet, yes, 10 feet.

I’m sure you’re asking, who, what, where, when, why and how.

Cake Cutting | Any Event Linen & Chair Rental

This 10 foot cake belongs to hip hop couple Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir who celebrated there union with a $75,000 wedding cake. Even though the groom is 6’2 he didn’t blink twice when it was time to cut the cake. This four double tiered layered cake was literally as fancy as you could ever imagine. Roses, crystals, chandelier and much more.


Martinez, gifted the couple with a rather unusual cake cutting device, a sword, 17th century sword. It made the entire process so much easier, and a great photo op.

If you’re not interested in a 10 foot cake, that required a sword or another cutting device, check out these beautiful cakes that require much less effort.


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