Choosing chairs for your wedding can be challenging, believe us! Depending on your geographic location there can be multiple event chair options available,  such as the Chiavari chair, Ghost chairs, White Padded Folding chairs and much more.

Since we are industry professionals, we are going to give you some insight on what questions and things to consider:

  • If your having an outside ceremony always remember, if you ordered white chairs, make sure the chairs are white/ off white, as we want the wedding photography to be amazing.
  • Also, ask your rental company which chairs are best for an outside ceremony
  • Be sure to ask about weight limits on each chair

Of course at first glance these questions won’t be your primary concern, however these are the best to ask these questions before signing paying the deposit.


I’m sure some are thinking ” What is the best chair for an outdoor ceremony?”

If your looking for a cost effective option for outside ceremony chairs we would suggest  the white padded garden folding chairs (pictured below).

  • Easy to move and comfy
  • 250lbs- 300lbs weight capacity
  • They are easy to clean and they dry quickly— we are in Florida and it rains randomly (rather be safe than sorry).

We understand that cost is a major factor, however, if you rent chairs from a reputable company, that values their inventory as well as their clients you are in good hands.


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