Add a Little Glam to your Wedding Cake

The typical bride and groom cake topper are almost a thing of the past. Couples use these cake toppers to add a personal touch to their wedding cake,  as well as a simple act of tradition. Many couples are bucking this tradition for a more something more elegant. Monogram cake toppers are typically embellished with Bling, which is always easy on the eye, must I go on?

It’s a More Modern Look

The wedding cake has been a long-standing tradition for weddings around the world. The male/female wedding toppers have also been a part of this long-standing tradition.  If you want your wedding cake to look modern, use a monogram wedding cake topper.

Colors to Match your Reception

Monogram wedding cake topper pieces give you the ability to match your topper with the colors of your reception. These cake toppers can be made in nearly every color possible. Work with the designer of your cake to match the monogram to the reception. The colors of the cake will then compliment the topper, and will therefore compliment the colors of our reception.

Design to Match your Reception

You can actually design the look of your monogram to the look of your reception. There will be different designs for you to choose from. There will also be companies that can make a monogram cake topper for you. You may also opt for an edible monogram to be placed atop your cake, sound tasty, right?

Makes the Cake Personal

When choosing a monogram topper, you can go the traditional route of the duo’s initials, which, helps create a personal touch to the cake as you are identifying the couple with the cake. While this personalization is not necessary, it is a fun tradition that makes the cake that much more enjoyable and interesting.

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