Wedding Day Emergencies…

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Have you prepared an Emergency Kit for your wedding day? a little bag that you can carry with you throughout the wedding day, this kit will keep you from worrying about the physical things that may occur on your big day, whatever happens the Emergency Kit will keep all stressful thoughts a bay.

Although everyone is feeling wonderful on the wedding day, it’s amazing what a few nerves can do to the body. Headaches, upset stomachs, and dizziness can all rear their ugly heads right when you are feeling the most pressure.

For the Couple

You may want to keep on hand a few things to keep everyone feeling good, or at least keep them upright throughout the ceremony. A chewable or liquid antacid is a great way to calm any nervous stomachs. Crackers and ginger ale are good too. For headaches, you can keep some acetaminophen on hand. This is usually gentler on the stomach than ibuprofen, and can be taken without food.

If the bride or bridesmaids feel dizzy, then have them immediately sit down. Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things such as low blood sugar, nerves, and more serious conditions. If the bride or groom should faint, smelling salts can help to revive them.

Bandaids are good too for sore feet in too tight of shoes.

Beauty Fixes

For the women, you may want to have a few beauty tools to keep everyone looking their best. Spare lip gloss and balm are good to keep the lips looking good. A translucent face powder will keep the nose and forehead from shining. Always keep a small bottle of clear nail polish as well. This is good for fixing rhinestones that have fallen off dresses, or to seal any rips.

A small brush and mirror can also help, while hair spray and extra deodorant are also nice to have on hand. And don’t forget about the Bobby pins can help most hair crises.

Other Things…

It’s amazing what you may need and never think of. For example, did you think to bring extra straight pins for the corsages or in case the bouquets fell apart? A small sewing kit is good to in order to fix up any small emergencies.

Stain remover and chalk are also good to have on hand. If there should be any stains that need removing, the stain remover is there. If there is something on the bride’s dress, then you can lightly cover it with the chalk it works great and won’t hurt the dress.

Please note that all of these quick fixes have not been confirmed to work 100% but they will help with a quick fix. Please use your own discretion when using these quick fixes, as Any Event Linen & Chair Rental or the author is not liable for anything caused from using these quick fixes.

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